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If You Haven't Seen a “Book Cabin” Then You Definitely Need To.

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A question for all the book worms out there- and one I can relate to because my books are constantly thrown about, tossed on the couch, kicked under the bed, laying upside down on the coffee table and stacked one on top of the other. Where do you set your current book you are reading?

If this question took you by surprise and you answered with a ‘Huh, I never had really thought about that” or if you had a quick response similar to “of course on my bedside table!” then you gotta check out this new innovative book holder called the “book cabin” created by TikTok crafter @simplystyled.inspo. No matter where your book goes- whether you know or not- I guarantee you are going to change things up after seeing this.

This nifty book holding, tea stashing, artistic table decor is one of the cutest things we have seen to date.

To make her DIY book cabin the woman first starts by making cuts in sections of wood to create a sturdy and structural A-frame cabin shape, with a steeper pitched roof than the floor is wide.

She attaches everything with glue for a seamless look, and adds a coat of clear stain to protect the structure, which of course you could always add a colored stain to achieve a dark walnut or maple look!

In the midst of reading your book and deciding to come to a stopping point or needing to rest the book for a coffee refill you simply rest the book, page side down over the A-frame. You can stash goodies under the book A-frame, such as your mug filled with coffee or tea, chapstick, or an unlit candle!

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