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Couple Puts a Sheet Of Chalkboard Above the Bedframe For One Cute Reason

Decorative therapy really is real!

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Love is love, but sometimes it is hard to express our love for others, especially if your love language doesn’t match theirs. It can be hard work to show off how much you appreciate someone else, but there are small and simple ways you can do so, every single day, with just a little bit of work.


So today’s cute couple moment comes to us from Jessica Dykes. She and her husband are adorable together but, like many couples, don’t give each other enough affirmations day in and day out.

Jess decided to do something that would change that and, after grabbing a couple of small chalkboards, figured that they would be the perfect addition to their bedroom to help show off various love notes for each other. So she took the pair of the boards and placed them carefully above the headboard of her bed, one on each side so that she could write notes to her husband and he to her.

Now Jess got on top of her love note immediately and came up with an entire list of love affirmations for her husband. Literally the entire chalkboard is taken up with these notes, with things like ‘you are so kind’ or ‘you are committed’, and it shows just how much love Jess has for her partner.

Of course, for her husband, it did take a little bit longer. In fact, Jess got a little impatient with how long it was taking him but eventually, he did manage to get there.

We would like to say just how important this is. The two, as Jess points out in the comment section, she and her husband have already divorced each other once and come back together from that. But part of that coming back together means working on it each and every day, and little expressions of love, like these chalkboards.

Remember, even something so small can mean so much to someone else, so show someone some love today!