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Here’s how to Deep Clean Your Cutting Boards

OMG Looking at what came out of them is so gross.

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There are so many household-cleaning hacks, and thanks to TikTok we will never take simple pantry items for granted. Also, did you know that if you use your wooden chopping boards for preparing food, and not for one of these three ways of using a chopping board, you have to deep clean it?

TikToker @tanyahomeinspo shows us how it is done the proper way and the results are straight-up scary!


It's fair to say that if you use wooden boards to chop up meats, you have to keep in mind that wood is porous and requires deep cleaning, as you can see in the video. Therefore it is recommended to use silicon boards for meats and fish, and wooden boards for veggies and fruits. However, you still have to clean them after each use and deep clean them once a week. All you need for the deep clean are just three things; an aluminum tray, boiling hot water, and dish soap such as Dawn. Place the wooden boards into the tray, pour the water over it so they are covered, add some dish soap, move them around a bit to activate the soap, and then let it sit for the water and the soap to do its magic. And with magic, I mean deep cleaning them. After a good while, maybe 20 minutes or so, you'll be surprised what to find in the water. That questionable residue is probably due to bacteria and leftover food that was stuck to it, or meat juices. Either way, it is quite gross.

The comments section was filled with mixed feelings. As some TikTokers say soaking wooden boards in water is bad for the wood and they could split or crack, others suggested rubbing them with oil after the cleaning to make them look like new again. 

We just have to try it out ourselves!