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Dad Becomes Modern-Day Snow White And It Is The Cutest Thing You’ll Watch

Who says dads can't be Disney princesses?

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Disney princesses have long had animal companions, ranging from the earliest ones with their coterie of woodland creatures to the newer ones with their singular steadfast pet. But that doesn’t often happen in real life, does it?

Well, one dad of a TikTok creator has decided to change that and become a real-life Disney princess all by himself!


When Hannah’s parents lost their beloved long-time family pets, they obviously felt a hole was left behind. Her dad in particular was feeling a little lost and even though the two agreed that they’d get another pup sometime in the future, he decided to do something else as well.

You see, their backyard is pretty open and is the perfect place for deer to come up and graze. These beautiful creatures are usually fairly skittish, but Hannah’s dad thought this was the perfect opportunity to test his Disney princess skills and get them to like him. With a little bit of corn and a light and easy touch, her dad slowly builds a rapport with the animals until the same ones that would run away at first sight of him were all eventually eating right out of his hand.

By this point Hannah's dad has become friends with the local deer population, enough that mamas know to bring their fresh-born fawns on by and larger stags can sit and loaf like cats without fear.

Now for everyone who is worried, the original creator does say that these deer are focused in the forested area inside of a private gated community all in the center of a large and heavily populated city. While no hunting is allowed, these deer are also not quite the wild creatures they would be if allowed to roam in a larger and more open area, so we wouldn’t recommend trying this with your own local deer population lest they get a bit too dependent on you!