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Dad Builds Home Movie Theater So He and Wife Can Have Date Nights Without Leaving Chronically Ill Daughter

This is so impressive and sweet.

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When you have kids, date nights as parents become quite difficult to do based on a few different factors. For some parents they have young children and don’t have trusted people around them to help with babysitting. For other parents, like TikTok content creator @rachelnorstrom and her husband, they have a chronically ill daughter and as a result, they don’t get to experience date night often.

Thankfully, though, her husband came up with a beautiful idea to help remedy their lack of date nights by building a movie theatre in their home!

This is so sweet! As you can see in the quick video clip, he went to work installing hardwood floors, setting up the projector and adding comfortable red leather seating into the space to really give a movie theatre feel to the room and we can definitely say he didn’t miss a mark with this DIY renovation — it looks so good!

Her followers and viewers in the comment section were also just as impressed with this renovation and admirable solution to ensuring they are able to enjoy date night while also caring for their daughter.

He’s clearly on Santa’s nice list!

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