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Something happens when men become fathers that makes them clutch their purse strings nice and tightly. The thermostat is officially off limits and you better believe he is going to ask if you are "ready to rock and roll" after you paid the check at the restaurant. Another thing he is bound to do: Make you justify every single one of your purchases. 

That was certainly true when TikToker @nik_texasbabe's daughter asked her husband for some new kicks. Likely assuming that the layers of dirt caked on her shoes were evidence enough that she needed new ones, she went to her dad with hope in her heart that she'd get a new pair she wanted. But dad had other plans. He rolled up his sleeves, grabbed some Dawn dish soap, and carried his power washer hose like a man riding into battle. 

It's safe to say dad won the war. The high pressured hose blasts away a years worth of kid grime, and truly it did the trick. The sole nor the fabric had a stain left to speak of and his girl's shoes shone like new. And if you're wondering if they held up, a few hours of drying in the sun and voila! Brand new old shoes. 

Of course, followers were all about this brilliant dad-hack. Many people asked the mom if they could pop over real quick with a haul of their own kicks, while others just basked in the oddly-satisfying glory. Some even suggested the family parlay this into a "shoe restoration" business, ruining the hope of new shoes for teens across America. 

In this case, father actually did know best.