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Elderly Dad Calls Out To 'Kids' One Last Time Before Saying Goodbye To Their Old Home

"That was the best."

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Houses are more than just a palate for creative DIYs and cool features. They are the place we make memories. Where we raise our children, and make up with our partner, and feel safe in. But there comes a time in life when you might had to bid that old house farewell, and it can be more emotional than you ever imagined.

One TikToker shared the moment her dad bid farewell to their childhood home and whew, grab the tissues. This is a tear-jerker. 


Standing at the bottom of the stairs, one by one he calls out his family's names, his voice growing a little shakier with each one. 

Ashe turns away from the steps you hear him say "Nobody's home" as he walks around the barren house he once called home. He picks up his tool bag and says "been a good ride."  As he turns to leave you can hear his voice quivering saying:

"Thank you Stonehenge...for all the memories."

He then turns to lock up and close the door for the last time, he offers one final emotional nugget:

"It was the best."

Over 212.7k people were completely undone by this sweet and emotional message. 

"Oh god. I don’t even know you guys and I am sobbing," wrote one user. 

"This made me cry." added another. "You know he had so many memories running through his head."

We hope wherever this gentleman hangs his hat next it is full of the love he seemingly poured into their old home. 

Excuse me whilst I sob for the rest of the day.