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Man Shares Genius Hack for Cleaning Greasy Cabinets and Yes, Dawn Dish Soap Is Involved

Works like a charm!

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Kitchens are rather notorious for being places that need quite a bit of cleaning. And obviously so - there are a ton of people in there on a daily basis, not to mention all the cooking that tends to go on in said space. And with that cooking comes a lot of food particles, and even grease, being thrown about, and grease itself has always been one of the hardest things for me to clean up.

But luckily Brandon the Janitor, aka the owner of the CleanThatUp channel over on TikTok, has a super easy hack to make degreasing nasty kitchen cabinets a thing of the past!


There are three (maybe four) super basic items that you likely already have around your house that you will need for this ‘hack’ - a bowl, some hot water, a few drops of Dawn Dish soap (because what DOESN’T Dawn work on), and a Scrub Daddy. Take your bowl and add the hot water and soap, then simply dunk your Scrub Daddy in until you got a nice fizz of bubbles going on.

Once you have your scrubber all nice and soapy, simply scrub down all the cabinets and kitchen counters that have grease or other substances on them, making sure you get any areas that are particularly nasty, such as on the range hood or around the stove where grease tends to pop a bit more.

After you’ve gotten everything all soapy, you can finish up by going back through with Brandon’s ‘two towel’ method, which essentially means wiping everything down once with a damp (but not dripping wet) cloth to help soak up any leftover grease or soap, then buff everything down with a completely dry cloth.

Your counters and cabinets should be dirt and grease free, and probably look better than they have in a long time!

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