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Apparently Dawn Dish Soap Can Save Your Lawn

If you want to keep your lush green lawn, check this out!
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A lush green lawn is hard to achieve, it takes time if starting from seed or is an entire investment if you pay for sod to be laid down. Once established, keeping your lawn green and healthy takes a lot of work, you need to fertilize it, keep it watered, and protect it from harmful pests and diseases.

One of the most notorious pests for lawns is the armyworm. They have the ability to cause damage extremely fast and reproduce quite quickly. TikTok lawn care page @rootedlawnco posted a video showing how one simple item can bring armyworms to the surface of your lawn, saving it from destruction.

The company says that the armyworm can destroy a lawn overnight. They eventually become moths but in their worm-like larvae stage of life they feed on turf grasses causing extreme damage to lawns, eventually killing them.

The first sign of armyworm damage is small brown patches in a lawn, certain sections of grass may also be sheared to the ground as the pest chews down the green sections of the grass leaving bare spots.

There are plenty of pesticides and insecticides on the market to control and kill armyworms but many of these products are extremely harsh and can be dangerous to self apply.

That's why we love this alternative the lawn care company shared. We know all the great uses for Dawn dish soap but as a pest control? Sign us up!

The company dilutes Dawn dish soap with water and pour it in sections of grass, this causes the large armyworms to crawl to the surface, where you can pick them up and get rid of them- they make a great chicken treat!

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