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Simple Dawn Mixture Is the Perfect Way to Keep Your Tub Sparkling

And it all came from the dollar store.

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Have you been struggling when it comes to getting your whole house clean, stove and all, especially as you are trying to get ready for the holidays? Because I know I sure am, and it always feels nice to not feel so alone! But really, cleaning is always a chore, and never does it feel more like one than when you know you are about to have a ton of people come over!

Luckily there are a couple of little changes you can make to your routine that will make cleaning a little bit easier, including this simple ingredient mix from CleaningAddiction that will have your bathroom sparkling clean and smelling great in no time!


When it comes to cleaning the bathroom, you can always reach for your choice of cleaners. There are tons of things you can try, but sometimes it really comes down to the simplest things being the best.

Case in point this creator - when it comes to cleaning her own bathroom, she goes with a super simple mix of two common household cleaners that most of us already have on hand, and yet do the job better than anything else I’ve ever used. All you need is a little bit of Dawn dish soap and some of the OG Pinesol.

Get yourself a scrub brush or a sponge, add a bit of the soap and a drizzle of Pinesol, and just enjoy the lovely smell for a second or two before you get to work. You’ll notice that the soap helps make everything sudsy, not only showing you where you’ve already cleaned but also getting into those deep nooks and crannies, while the Pinesol adds that extra cleaning agent as well as the more powerful scent.

Scrub everything down and rinse or wipe as needed, and you should have a sparkling clean bathroom that smells absolutely amazing with a lot less stress and effort than you’d normally spend in said chore!

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