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Family Transforms “Dead Space” Into Quirky Loft

So much potential for that tiny room.

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If you have a big home - whether that's a house or an apartment - chances are, you probably also have a lot of dead space or open space. And while you can remove a room to create high ceilings, or add a room to use the open space, you can also turn your dead, hidden space into a cozy loft.

That's exactly what TikTok creator Lace and her husband did - turn the dead space in their home into a cute loft. Let's check it out. 

Such a great idea!

They basically gave their home an attic that was missing. Look at how much more space they have for storage. Or they can turn it into a family room, or a playroom. Maybe even a library? 

However, right now Lace is using it as her "lady loft" aka office. 

As she mentioned in another video, they hired a contractor to turn the space into an 8x12 room and to help with all the complicated tasks, such as reinforcing floors, hardwiring, insulation, and walls. 

She and her husband did the paint job, as well as created the loft ladder that is attached and can roll from side to side. They bought the ladder used off Facebook Marketplace, cut it down, and then bought a library ladder kit from Amazon.

TikTok loved it too, of course! Because what isn't there to love? They put so much hard work and money into this DIY project, which was certainly worth it.

As TikToker @justintime419 commented,

"I did insulation for yrs and there is so much wasted space in new construction homes. Great job!"

That's why they hired contractors to help with insulation. 

Another person (@baileydravestrepa) posted,

"Honestly why don't they make attics as they used to where you could walk up into them?"

Seriously! Maybe horror movies have ruined that for new homeowners and contractors.

And TikToker @brodeward_the_beard said,

"I love that."

We do too!

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