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Texas Couple’s Decluttering Challenge Has Them Tossing Two Things a Day Each

It sounds like a really manageable way to get through a lot of clutter.
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We may not like to talk about them but we have them. The pajama drawer you have to lean your entire body into to close it because it's overflowing with overly worn baggy t-shirts. The cabinet that flings Tupperware at you every time you open it because it's stacked 10 Tupperware high with miscellaneous shapes and lids that don’t fit any of them. The book shelf that is filled halfway with books you don’t remember getting and the other half with books you've read only a few pages, spilt some coffee on, and then set down and forgot about… and the unspoken “junk drawer,” where if something seems the slightest bit important but doesn't need your immediate attention, it gets tossed in the drawer that rarely sees sunlight. 

Often you don’t realize you have too much stuff until it's too late… and all of a sudden the pajama drawer won't close- no matter how much strength you put into it. There is no place to put the third “house plant care” book you just thrifted, you can not find a single matching Tupperware bottom to its' lid, and the “junk drawer” can’t fit any more “junk.”

Instead of resorting to panic and going on a intense declutter spree- something I have done time and time again and in the moment make unreasonable decisions- TikTok couple @perkinsonparkway have a brilliant solution to help declutter your space in a productive, positive way.


The couple admits they have too much stuff so they decide that everyday, up until they feel less stressed, they are each going to get rid of two things. In their video, the couple start by looking around at what they can part with first, they both resort to clothes that rarely get used- the woman ditches a pair of fleece pants that seem unfitting for the Texas heat and a shirt that she never wears, the man quickly makes a decision on two pairs of shorts to part with. The couple add their items to a donation pile and just like that have started to declutter their home.