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We Might Be Stealing This Woman’s Decluttering Method

Micro wins over macro attempts.

Decluttering your home is never an easy chore. There’s just so much stuff, not to mention stuff that you love but have no more use, or space, for! So where do you get started, HOW do you get started?

Well, one TikTok creator has just the thing to get you started, so let’s join Abbie from Chic Peach as she restyles her life and declutters in the meantime!


Now, to start off, Abbie is in the process of ‘restyling’ her life, as she puts it. This involves a top to bottom cleaning of all the things that stress her out or bring her down, and that includes having mess and ‘too much’ stuff in her home.

Her idea is pretty simple - grab a single, large box and simply start tossing into said box anything that doesn’t make sense in your life any longer. These are things that don’t have a place, are one-half of a missing whole, or simply don’t belong in the home anymore. We follow Abbie as she wanders from room to room, grabbing things here and there and tossing them into the box one by one.

These items include a wall sign that just doesn’t fit her aesthetic anymore, an odd selection of shower curtain hangers, extra fabric from a project she never got around to, ill-fitting work shirts, and other bits and bobs that she has lying around the house. And if you don’t have something similar, then I would have to call you out on it and say that you are probably lying!

Essentially, if it is no longer useful to you in the here and now, then there is no point in keeping it! Instead, toss it into the box and donate it! Your house will be less cluttered and you’ll feel so much better in only a short amount of time, which is the best gift of all!

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