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Woman Shows Us How to Declutter Our Bathroom Counter Space With This Dollar Tree Hack

This is too easy.

For many people, we share our bathroom space with our spouse or partner. If you live in a big enough home with a “Jack and Jill” layout, in which each person has their own sink and counter space, then that may work just fine; but for others, who share one sink and counter space with each other , it’s easy for your bathroom counter to develop a clutter.

For the latter group of folks, it can get quite frustrating looking at the ever growing collection of beauty products and daily essentials, but thankfully, TikTok DIY maven @southernescape has the perfect DIY to remedy this issue. It’s cute, easy to do and each crate only costs $1.25 each!


We love how quick this was to do and how cute it is! And of course, we especially love how cost effective this Dollar Tree hack is! Once she completed the simple project and placed all of their belongings into the different compartments, we could easily see how much it was able to hold and how quickly her counter space became more organized. With over two million likes, we’re not the only ones impressed with this easy hack. “You are literally a God send yassssss,” @ladypainted90 wrote. “Omg I’m doing this,” @jennbee077 commented. “Not gonna lie, this is actually super cute, creative. and USEFUL. TAKE NOTES 5 MINUTE CRAFTS,” @katz.karma shared.

Okay, so who else is on their way to their local Dollar Tree?

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