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Mom Creates a Dreamy Colorful Play Area For Her Kids and People Are Stunned

Lisa Frank fans would approve of this whimsical wonderland!

Any other 90s kids remember the colorful rainbow-themed Lisa Frank school supplies? From unicorn stickers to puppy-covered notebooks, the nostalgic brand created some of the coolest, whimsical accessories and apparel pretty much dominated the early to mid 90s. While we don’t see much Lisa Frank merchandise on store shelves anymore, it appears it might be making a resurgence, well at least in this UK house, anyway.

TikTok decor maven and cool mom @lucyhsmiltonathome shared in multiple videos how she transformed her backyard garden into a fairytale play area for her kids and it’s so magical!


WOW!! How cool is this play area?! It has practically everything we would’ve wanted to play with as kids - two colorful playhouses planted on artificial grass, a boho swing, slide and plenty of seating space including a table and chair set that looks like fried eggs. So cool!

Viewers in the comments love the sweet set up, too! “Can I join you in this garden? I feel I need some of this. Looks blissful!” one viewer commented. Another TikTok user wrote “You must have a fun life! I wish I had ur back yard!” TikTok user @lav_inder_12 pretty much summed up majority of our feelings when she wrote "Six-year-old me would have loved this!” Uhhh…agreed!

We love how much thought she put into making her backyard a dreamy play space for her girls. It’s something they’ll always remember!