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Woman Shares Video of Dryer Fire and Begs People to Deep Clean Their Dryers

And she shows you how to do it too!
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Just as a car needs a regular oil change- among other things- to operate regularly almost every home appliance needs routine maintenance every now and then to continue safe and functional operation.

Fridge coils need cleaning so air flow isn't restricted, ovens need to burn off old food with the self clean option to prevent build up, air conditioning units need filter changes to keep the cool blowing, and washer machines need to be deep cleaned to prevent dirt and soap scum build up in pipes and filters.

One of the most important things to clean, that is so crucial, are dryers. Improper cleaning can lead to one of the worst outcomes, a fire which can get dangerous very fast. TikToker @pairswellwithwhine posted a devastating video showing what can happen if you do not deep clean a dryer.

The woman posted a video of the inside of a dryer after it was fully on fire. She says that you need to, twice a month, deep clean your dryer, not just the vent, if you want to fully minimize your risk of starting a dryer fire.

The woman points out all the things that need deep cleaning, the lint trap screen, which is obvious, and then the area under the lint trap, where lint can sneak past the screen and fill up space that needs airflow. The entire dryer drum itself also needs to get a good wipe down and any entry or exit point for air should be vacuumed out in case small fragments of lint make it in those spaces. The venting pipe also hosts a lot of lint fragments, if you remove the main hose you can get a vacuum in there to get the bits of lint out.

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