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This Housekeeper Has the Perfect Deep Cleaning Tip for Hardwood Floors

It really is that simple.

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So, cleaners everywhere, whether that be homeowners or professionals, how do you clean things like hardwood floors? Is it one of your easier tasks, or do you leave it off until the end, or maybe even wish you had carpets? Well, what if I told you that there was a quicker and easier way to ensure that they were clean enough for your mother-in-law to come over and not judge the results.

I know… is that even possible? In any case, Donna Mendoza from TikTok has just the thing for both of us when it comes to making sure that hardwood floors get a real deep clean.


You are going to want to get your sink ready with a good bit of hot water, and to that, add a good bit of Dawn dish soap and, as Donna says, a ‘dash’ of vinegar. Then, using pretty much a regular mop, dunk it in the water and get it good and soaked. From there simply start cleaning your floor as you normally would, wringing out in between each pass, or when you notice the mop getting a little too dry.

I would like to stay that both the mopping and the mixture, are pretty traditional but honestly, going back to the basics and doing everything the old-school way has a certain appeal. As for the mop itself, it is a microfiber mop from Oceder, and apparently, Donna swears by it. After seeing the results, I must admit to wanting to get one myself just to try it out!

And apparently, there are a ton of people in the comment section who agree! Vinegar has long been used for cleaning, and it does an amazing job here. There are also plenty who say that they’re tossing aside their spin mops, which have been all the rage lately, for more traditional mops such as this one.

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