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Elderly Neighbor Ding Dong Ditches For A Funny Reason

We wish we had her as our neighbor!

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If you have ever heard of ding dong ditch then you know it is usually done as a prank by someone a little bit on the younger side. A kid or teen sneaks up, presses the doorbell, then takes off running so they don't get discovered. Some people do this, again and again, to get a reaction, while others leave not-so-nice 'gifts' behind.

But occasionally you get a ding dong ditch that is done for, well, a little bit nicer reasons. Take this TikTok video that will hopefully put a bit of a smile on your face and leave you feeling that maybe humanity isn't all that bad. 


Sweet Banana, and as much as we wish we could say that was her real name but sadly it isn't, has set up her Ring camera on her front porch to catch anyone coming up and leaving. And luckily for us it does catch a bunch of things, one of the most hilarious, and most adorable being this recent interaction between her and her new neighbor.

The video starts off with their elderly neighbor wandering up, holding a small vase of flowers. She sets it oh-so-carefully on the walkway leading up to the door, then shuffles up and poking at the doorbell. The cutest part is how she runs off like a little kid who had just pulled off the perfect prank and you can practically hear her giggling as she skips around the corner.

Now hopefully this does go a long way towards sowing a bit of hope and joy and making others happy. If this one lady can take the time out of her day to gift her neighbor a small vase of flowers without taking credit, you could probably do the same! 

So, who would you want to make happy?