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Mom Makes Dining Room Extra Functional With a Handmade Banquette

Look at how many folks can just be around the table...

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So if you haven’t heard about a banquette then you are seriously missing out. These space-saving built-ins are, potentially, one of the best ways to add some space to your kitchen while also making more room for visitors and dining guests!

Best of all, you can make them yourself and save yourself tons of money while changing up the entire look of your kitchen, as one TikTok creator shows us!


So Kassy Randazzo has a dining space that, while not the smallest, certainly does lose a lot of its functional space to having excess chairs and such. During her recent dining room makeover she decided to do something about it.

Alongside a fresh coat of paint on all of the walls and some repainting of a few Facebook marketplace chairs, Kassy decided to also add form and function to the room with a built-in banquette.

Mapping out her space, Kassy got to work measuring and cutting a base frame for her new sitting area that ran along a corner wall. She then built more box frames to support the weight of anyone sitting on the soon-to-be banquette, complete with more framing against the wall that would also keep everything in place. Some extra chair rail was also added along the wall to help tie the entire look in together before moving back to the banquette itself.

Using some cut underlayment to give the space a faux shiplap look, Kassy then covers up the frame and runs it up the wall. With a bit of primer and some work on creating hinged lids (to allow for the space beneath and inside the frames to be used as storage), and Kassy is getting close to the end! The last step is to finish everything off with a final coat of beige paint and chuck on a few throw pillows and voila - a brand new sitting area and storage space combination that is bound to be a major point of conversation for years!