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Woman Shows Us How To Make Dirty Mop Heads Look Brand New With This Easy Method

This is way better than using the washer machine

Mopping may not be everyone’s favorite chore, but it’s obviously necessary to do, especially if your home experiences a lot of foot traffic from friends and family. Because of this, you may notice that when you do finish mopping, your water is extremely dirty; which obviously means your mop head is just as dirty as well. Of course, you can always wash the mop head with the rest of your clothes in the washer, but sometimes that still may not get the mop head as clean and also, some people understandably do not want to mix a dirty mop head with their clothes.

Thankfully, we have a perfect solution to effectively clean your mop head without even using the washer machine. Courtesy of TikTok content creator @kami.larae, we’re provided easy steps that will not only clean the dirty mop head, but will also have it looking brand new!


Rather than placing the dirty mop head in the washer machine, she simply adds a table spoon of detergent and a table spoon of Oxi Clean or bleach into her mop bucket that’s already filled with water and lets the mop head sit in the solution over night. In the morning, she spins the mop head dry and lets it sit in the sun afterwards. You can’t even tell the mop head was used!

We love how simple and effective this easy method is!