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Mom Shows How She Fits Two Kids In RV With Magical Disappearing Bunk Beds

This is so cool!

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If you're going to take a family vacation in an RV, be sure to choose wisely. You'll want something that's big enough for your family and comfortable but not so big that it's hard to drive or park. 

The perfect solution? A bunk bed with hydraulics that disappears into the ceiling when not in use. It's like magic!

Look around your home, and you'll probably find it's not the most space-efficient place. The kids' toys are everywhere, not just in the toy room. They're on their bedroom floors, the kitchen table, and even under the couch cushions. It seems like there's nowhere else to put them. 

The same goes for clothes, even when neatly folded in drawers or hung up in closets. As much as we try to keep our living spaces tidy and organized, it just doesn't seem possible with our belongings taking up so much room - especially in an RV.

When the beds have disappeared, you can use that space for other things. You can store stuff or make it into a play area or gym. 

The comments shared just how impressed folks were.

"That’s so nice." @Flyingcupcake25

"Probably the nicest RV I ever saw." @AA_ron_philly

"Finally kids' rooms in a RV that are adequate, instead of a tiny cubby." @ScumBunny


"No way that's an RV." @mm3rcury 

We had similar doubts.

When you think about it, these hydraulics are just an ingenious way for parents to use their imagination to create the perfect bunk bed for their kids. As we've seen before, beds don't have to be boring! They can be magical and extraordinary too!

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