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Teacher Transforms Classroom Into a “Disco Garden” And We’re Obsessed With the Accessories

Teachers are magic.

Teachers truly are a gift the world. The amount of effort, dedication and love they pour into making sure their students have what they need to have a great school year is remarkable and unfortunately a lot of the work they do doesn’t always get the recognition it deserves.

Staying up late to grade papers, using their own money to purchase supplies, and going above and beyond to decorate their classrooms to ensure their students have a fun and productive learning environment is only half the work they do.

And elementary school teacher Mrs. Blade of TikTok account @k_blade_ is a great example of a dedicated teacher. Recently, she revealed the coolest classroom makeover and we’re probably more obsessed with the outcome than her students!


As seen in the video, Mrs. Blade transformed her classroom into a disco garden and we’re obsessed with the details and accessories! Gathering appropriate supplies and furniture such as the groovy font alphabet letters, mosaic tabletop, velvet chairs and bright colors were so spot on with the the disco garden theme she was going for.

Her commitment with staying on course with the cute theme is amazing! We can only imagine her students faces when they arrived for their first day of school!