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Woman Motivates Herself to Stay Nicotine Free By Rewarding Herself With Tiny Disco Balls

We bet this will 100% work.

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We all have or have had bad habits that we wanted to break. While bad habits can vary according to the individual, one thing is for sure, breaking bad habits isn’t easy to do. However, to make it slightly easier, one way to break a bad habit is by rewarding yourself for every time you avoid giving into your temptation.

This is the exact approach Georgie of TikTok account @pleasestopbullyingme is taking to help her quit smoking. For every day she doesn’t smoke, she’s going to reward herself with a shiny, tiny disco ball.


So, to be specific, this is her third attempt at quitting nicotine, so rather than just making the attempt, she’s going to hang a tiny disco ball, alongside her vape, from the ceiling. Hopefully, with this cute reward system she established for herself, this third time will be a charm.

Thankfully, she seems to have a good support system, at least in the comment section. “Get some in different sizes to celebrate the big milestones like a week or a month! That can help with the progress,” TikTok user @wh1te.russian suggested. “Yesss! U got this! We wanna see a disco party!” @josemanitooo wrote.

She recently posted another video celebrating her 20th day of being nicotine free. We’re loving the progress and how people in her comment section are holding her accountable.