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Woman Paints Epic Disney Mural That Will Have You Wishing On A Star

Do you see your favorite movie up there?

Disney has a special place in the hearts of many. For a lot of us we grew up watching princesses and small, cute critters that somehow saved the world, and the heartwarming feeling of family, found or otherwise.

And there has been so much art created in the name of Disney and its various movies! Take today’s focus, for instance! One woman has created the perfect homage to all of her favorite movies, all on one wall in her house!


Maddie, aka ThatOneGirlNamedMaddiee over on TikTok, has been working hard on a project of truly epic proportions, and we have been so excited to follow along with her. What is this project? Why, a full Disney-themed mural on one of the walls in her house, perfect for any child or child at heart!

This young woman shares with us that she loves Disney, like… Love-loves it. She would eat, sleep, and even breathe Disney if she could. So when she got the chance to paint a mural in her house, she went full out. The wall is prepped with paint and then taped in random sections so that she could do a scene from all of her favorite movies. And then out comes the projector, with each image projected onto the wall and recreated with pencil before Maddie can start her painting project.

Going back through her videos you can spot the Fox and the Hound, Lady and the Tramp, some of the kittens from the Aristocats, Alice in Wonderland, and more. The sheer time and effort that goes into these paintings is astounding, and by the time she gets to part ten, the video we are on and the one that features Tiana and her bestie from Princess and the Frog, we can only imagine the hours that have already been spent!

Honestly, we cannot WAIT to see where the rest of this goes, and with only a few more sections to go, you can bet that we will be going back day in and day out to make sure we don’t miss the final, and assuredly epic, reveal of the full Disney mural!