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Woman's IKEA Flip Doesn't Go As Planned, But Still Looks Amazing

It is different than the original, but still cool!

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Sometimes, things simply don’t go as planned. I think most of us know this by now, and hopefully have come to accept it, no matter how hard it may be. I mean, I cannot count the number of times that I have sat down to do some sort of hack I saw online, or try and recreate a furniture flip that I thought looked cool, only for the end result to look nothing like what I had first seen.

But, as TikTok creator Christina Muscari of Pretty_Distressed proves to us all, sometimes that isn’t necessarily a bad thing!


Christina, going into this project, had a plan. She started off with an unfinished dresser from Ikea that was meant to dupe a seventeen-hundred-dollar Finnley nightstand. She starts off by adding some gold feet to the bottom to help elevate it (in more ways than one), as well as staining the unfinished wood a far darker shade. The original was black, but also not the color that she was originally hoping for.

She then cut sixty square dowels down to size, stained them, and attached them to the dresser with over three hundred tiny nails. This step obviously took super long, but then it was the next step that probably took even longer. Christina cut another board down to size of the top, then mixed up some epoxy, which she then used to create a faux marble look.

The end result is something that, to me, looks absolutely stunning but Christina does say took a lot more time and effort than what she was expecting, and didn’t come out looking exactly the way that she had planned. I personally like her version better, but I can definitely see where she might call it a ‘bit’ of a fail!

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