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Mom DIYs Her Own Version of a $200 Acrylic Calendar

And it looks just as good.

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Since we are still experiencing inflation, many people decided to just do whatever they can do - themselves. Anything from expensive-looking home renovations, to Christmas tree tents, anything seems possible.

Mom and TikTok creator J Peace decided that her home needs one of these fancy-looking - and expensive - acrylic calendars, but in the DIY edition and on a budget. Let's check it out!

Such a cool idea! She should totally sell these on Etsy!

Everyone needs a calendar, especially a sturdy one that is big enough to write a bunch on it and where you can erase things too. Paper calendars are so outdated and impractical. Therefore, if you need a calendar for yourself or are still in need of a Christmas gift, making an acrylic one - just like this one - could be an option. 

To make this acrylic calendar, you would need an acrylic sheet, like this OPTIX one, available at Home Depot for only $25. However, this sheet comes in two different sizes, the one for $25 comes in the dimensions 20 in. x 32 in. x 0.093 in, and this one for $38 comes in the dimensions 36 in. x 30 in. x .093 in. It looks like she used two sheets but it's hard to tell if they are in different sizes.

You'd also need a particular printer that prints on vinyl paper, such as a label printer or something that's called a circuit maker for $378, which is available at Michaels. 

This creator also used a specific kind of screws, such as these Standoff Screws available on Amazon, to screw the sheets together and install it to the wall.

Lastly, she chose a particular calendar template, as well as picked a unique font for the lettering, printed everything on vinyl paper, and applied it to the acrylic sheets.

That's it!

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