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This DIY Upcycled Advent Calendar Is Over the Top Cute

… and it's sustainable, win-win!
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As a little kid right before December first hit, my brother and I would rush into the local grocery market to pick up an advent calendar for the year. Blasted on the front was a whimsical Christmas wonderland of people, reindeer, or snowy houses being the main designs. I always looked forward to waking up and opening up my door for the day, filled with chocolate that was bland and gritty but somehow tasted oh so good.

I gave up the long tradition of advent calendars once my taste buds developed and I no longer could muster the hard to swallow chocolates. I totally would welcome the tradition back if the flaps were filled with salted almond dark chocolate or raspberry chocolate.

Thanks to @arosetintedworld our dreams have come true, she developed an advent calendar you can self fill and reuse year after year!

Her calendar is so fun and cute and sends you on a scavenger hunt to find the date! She uses old toilet paper roll inserts and folds them so they create a flap, she paints numbers on them from one to 24. After they get painted she adds a twine string to the corner of each of them after a hole punch to the corner and attaches them staggered to a branch that is also held up by a twine string.

You can add whatever goodies you want to the pockets, making it fun for adults and kids!

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