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Texas Woman Makes Creating a DIY Arched Headboard Look Easy

This really 'rounds out' the bed!

Have you ever looked at your bedroom and felt like there was just… something missing? Maybe you have been looking into a bedroom makeover (like this amazing gaming area one mom made for her daughter), or just something to make it feel a little bit more ‘your own.’

We’ve got a great idea that you can try with only a few supplies, and in the end, you can have the DIY headboard of your dreams!


As Renee from DIY Renovations on TikTok likes to point out, this idea is to create something bougie on a budget. I.e take that awesome arched headboard you see in all those Instagram ready bedrooms and make it your own for far, far less than what those people probably bought it for.

Best of all, you only need a few readily available supplies and just a bit of know-how. Start with cutting some plywood into the width of your bed, and sketch out the general shape. Renee decided she wanted an arched headboard (to go along with the arched shapes on her beautifully painted wall), but you could go with something a little different if you’d like.

Cut out the plywood shape with a jigsaw, remembering to wear safety gear, so that you have the general size and shape of your new headboard. Lay down some two inch foam (thicker if you’d like a bit more padding), and attach it with spray adhesive. You will follow that by laying down batting and then the fabric of your choice, nailing both down with a staple gun where it is folded over to the back side so you don’t have any nails showing on the ‘face’ side.

The last step is to screw on some scrap wood posts to help connect it to either bed or wall and voila! You now have a ready-made headboard that looks like it came straight out of a magazine (for way, way less!)