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Man Has Genius Hack For Keeping Plants Watered While You Go Out Of Town

And its nearly free to make!
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Holiday vacation season is upon us! It's that time of year to pack your bags, with your finest holiday outfits, most conservative clothes, and get ready to head off to spend the holidays with the relatives.

Leaving the house for a vacation is all fun and what not but us plant moms and plant dads get a little stressed out at the thought of leaving our babies alone for weeks on end. What if one gets knocked over, another gets a bad case of spider mites, what if the curtain falls down and blocks the sunlight? And the day old question, how will I keep them watered?

TikTok hack guru @creative_explained has yet again, another genius hack that will keep all the plant babies watered and happy, with a DIY device that is nearly free to make!

No more budgeting to hire someone to come check on your plants while out of town, just grab yourself a used plastic bottle and a cotton swab.

To make the plant waterer, you first poke a hole into the plastic cap that's skewed onto the plastic drink bottle. Open the cap, fill it with water and place the cap back on. Next you slide a cotton swab through the hole in the cab so it sticks half in, and half out. Tape a thick skewer or chopstick around the plastic bottle. Flip the bottle upside down and dig the support stake into the dirt with the cotton swab just hovering above the soil. The water slowly drips from the cotton swab and keeps the plant watered.

All plant moms and dads deserve a vacation worry free!

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