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Fort Worth Flipper Seriously Upcycles Her Laminate Countertops For Cheap

All you need is an Amazon account and an hour!

We don’t know many people who like the look of laminate countertops as is, and if you are one of the ones who do then this hack won’t really be what you are looking for.

But if you are someone looking for a nifty solution to covering up old laminate and revamping the look of your bathroom that won’t break the bank, then this video is one you’ll want to pay attention to. And maybe take a few notes, if you’d like.


Maggie McGaugh is a pretty popular DIY’er and creator over on TikTok and she, like many of us, had a bathroom with an old laminate countertop that she just wasn’t feeling anymore. The color was dingy, and it just didn’t fit what she wanted to the look of the room to be. But at the same time she didn’t want to spend a load of money on replacing the entire countertop, so instead she headed over to Amazon and found the perfect solution.

Her quick and easy fix is actually a version of wallpaper, but instead of going up on your walls, this peel-and-stick wallpaper, which is both heat and water resistant, is instead cut to size and laid out on the countertop. A wallpaper smoothing tool and a craft knife are then used to smooth out any bubbles and cut the edges down to size.

The before versus after are like two completely different countertops, and as Maggie points out, she was able to do it for less than ten dollars. Now there are a few commenters who are pointing out that they would likely use a clear silicone around the edges of the sink just to prevent water from getting under the wallpaper. Others are saying how they used the same trick in their kitchens and it has held up quite well for years or more.

The best part? You could try this trick yourself, and make it entirely your own! Don’t like marble? Pick another look! You can even tailor the colors to the paint on your walls or other accessories you are adding to your bathroom (or kitchen, or wherever), making it a great alternative to getting custom made countertops put in!