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Look at This Cool Budget-Friendly DIY Bathroom Glam Up

For under $250!

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If TikTok has taught us anything, it would probably be how to do a DIY home project. And although some look intimating and expensive, most of them are actually easy to follow and budget-friendly. Some even go by a theme, like this fairly core-inspired one. 

As TikTok creator Jody Barna (@jodybarna) shares in her bathroom glam-up, all you need is a vibe and your favorite colors to create some magic.


Just wow! I am getting some motel-in-the-desert vibes. Red might not be the color for everyone, but it sure is vibrant. The entire color scheme goes well with each other, as you have warm and colder tones. The best part about this glam-up was that it only cost her around $250. That's a great deal for an entire bathroom makeover!

Let's get into the deets! 

It seems as if her red lipstick was her inspiration for the walls, and the door looks like an ocean-type blue. She also added a bunch of thrifted gold mirrors and balanced everything out with a black and white shower curtain that has some star-shaped sun-looking designs on it. And lastly, the wooden wall and cabinets received an olive green, and there you have it. Not sure where she got the paint from, but you can get the exact color of your desired paint customized at Home Depot.