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DIY Aficionado Transforms Bathroom With Renter-Friendly Marble Tile

Her landlord should hire her after seeing this.

As a renter, it’s so great when you’re able to move into the place of your dreams that’s equipped with everything from the appliances to the flooring that just so happens to perfectly fit your design aesthetic. Realistically, that doesn’t happen often unfortunately. But the good thing is, you don’t always have to settle with what you’re given. There are great options to revamp your rental space that are not only budget-friendly, but are renter-friendly as well.

Popular TikTok DIYer @diydalia proves just that in this video where she shows us just how easy she was able to transform her bathroom with this stunning upgrade to her flooring.


WOW! The marble tile is beautiful, but she took it up a few notches when she created herringbone design with marble vinyl. The marble flooring instantly added a more fancy and modern feel to it. Her followers loved the gorgeous upgrade as well. “That’s such an improvement, the landlord should let you leave it when you go,” TikTok user @leaveittolily wrote. “This is the best one I’ve seen! I’m inspired!!” @morticia.420 commented. “Wow you did an amazing job!!” @nikitastakeeta wrote.

Of course, check with your landlord before doing any major upgrades, but this proves that no matter where you live, renter or homeowner, you can make any place a home that you love!