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Watch Woman Make DIY Bathroom Tiles for Under $50

We need these!

It's fair to say that home renovations can get pricey, especially if you're deciding to give your entire home a complete makeover. It gets even more expensive if you're designing and building your home from scratch. But hear me out, there are still some budget-friendly hacks out there. Such as this DIY bathroom tile stencil project that will add some character to your bathroom, without draining your wallet.

And when it comes to designing your own bathroom from scratch, this artist and TikTok creator shows us how it's done for under $50. At least when it comes to adding some accent tiles. 


That cobalt blue is so mesmerizing! And honestly, this hack doesn't seem too complicated. It would be helpful if you - or your partner - know how to apply tiles with the grout and what else it entails. First, you'd need to pick up some plain white tiles at your local Lowe's or Home Depot which is around $25, get some epoxy resin in different colors or you can get a kit to create the marble, which also comes with a primer. The next step is to pour them over the tiles, mix the colors to create a marbled look, let the resin dry and harden, polish it smooth so it is resistant to scratches, wipe it clean, and your DIY tiles project is complete. Well almost. Now you need to install them in your bathroom, wherever you'd like them to be. This TikToker installed them in her bathtub shower to create some contrast but it would also look good to have some accent tiles throughout the entire bathroom. 

We love how it turned out!