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Woman DIYs Perfect $200 Brass Hanging Kitchen Rail Dupe With Help from Ikea

It looks just as classy as the real thing.

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So I just have to ask… Is there anything that you can’t dupe using some combination of items from Ikea? I mean, there is a way to dupe practically anything using something from Ikea and some paint or a little bit of know-how, making it probably one of the most versatile stores that any person could shop at!

And to prove this point once again we’ve got Rachel from TheRosie.Home using an Ikea bar to dupe a far more expensive brass one in a way that means you’d never be able to tell the difference!


Let’s start off by saying that Rachel wanted something that looked a bit on the nicer end of things, but she herself states that she doesn’t want to spend two hundred (or more) dollars on a simple brass railing. So, instead, she decided to just make it herself using a steel hanging rail, complete with hangers and everything needed to attach it to the wall, from Ikea! This alone saved her a ton of money.

But how did she transform the steel look into the classier brass one? Well, that was all with the help of some rub and buff in the antique brass shade. All she had to do was sit down, gather her materials, and rub in the metal ‘stain’, then buff it to a high shine. The rod, hooks, and attachments all got the same treatment before being set to the side to dry to its correct look.

And once everything was done, Rachel finished it up by hanging up her new faux-brass hook, where it rests beautifully under warm wooden cabinets. I also love the copper and brass cups, serving ladles, and more she has hanging from the rod, which really rounds out the whole look.

So if someone tells you that you can’t make something look nice for cheap, just tell them they’re wrong and head right to Ikea!

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