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This Is a Sign You Need a DIY Cake Lamp

So cute!

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Nowadays decor that looks like food, seems to be appealing and a must-have for many, such as a DIY cake mirror. I do think, these creations make great gifts, and if you're weird and quirky - like me - this is for you!

TikTok creator and DIYer Kaarin Joy took a step further and created a DIY cake lamp, and everyone should have one. It's like the lava lamps from the '90s.

How cute is this? I love it!

This seems easy enough to try out at home, even if you don't have any experience with DIY projects, involving spackle. All you need is a lamp that maybe looks like a candle - such as the one she's using, which is from Amazon - two different-sized styrofoam pieces, some strong glue, spackle, two different colors of acrylic paint, and some decor that will go on top. Such as acrylic strawberries, Oreos, and sprinkles. 

That's it.

Then, you just cut a hole into the styrofoam, insert the lamp, glue the styrofoam pieces together with the smaller size on top, add the acrylic paint to the spackle, and start decorating. All that's left is to let it dry. 

TikTok loved this too, according to the comments section.

As TikToker @larainparis wrote,

"You should start selling them!"

Yes! I would definitely buy one, as I am not as patient or handy with DIY projects.

TikToker @camiriepe posted.

"Your energy just seems so healing and kind! I love watching all of your creations come to life!"

I agree! So much fun to watch.

And TikToker @stimtok commented,

"You can never have too many lamps."


Would you get or make a cake lamp?

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