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This Light Up Cauldron Is an Easy Yet Impressive DIY Decoration

You can totally pull this off.

Halloween brings out the creativity in so many people, especially if you’re a Halloween enthusiast. From decorating your front lawn with a creepy and creative bloody doll display to crocheting an entire Halloween display on a window, a lot of people are truly talented and unique when it comes to decorating their homes for Halloween.

This latest Halloween decoration set up from TikTok user and baker @bakingwiththebolliers is another creative Halloween display we can add to our list. This is our first time seeing someone use foam for their Halloween decorations and we love it!


To do this unique DIY, she started off using a 300-count of orange LED lights and sprayed foam in-between the lights and added a few skull bones in the mixture. Next, she sprayed the entire project with some black spray paint, as well as a little bit of red spray paint to give it a burning ember effect.

To finish the surprisingly simple DIY project, she turned on the orange lights and it turned out amazing, especially in the dark since the orange lights make it glow!

Her followers and viewers love this DIY and we agree — it’s so unique and perfect for spooky season!