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Turn Any Ceramic Piece Into a Drainable Planter With This Simple Trick

BRB we're going to be scouring thrift stores for tea cups now!

I love experiencing a moment when I can relax and sip slowly on a delicious cup of piping hot tea from one of my favorite aesthetically-pleasing teacups. However, moments like this rarely happen simply because my teacups are so cute and inconveniently located due to their aesthetically-pleasing appearance, that I rarely ever reach for them.

If you’re similar, it’s likely those precious teacups you have in your cabinet are likely the most unused dishes in your household.

That is until today.

TikToker @kellimotmjewelry upcycled one of her teacups to repot her string of pearls plant and the result is beautiful!


To do this, the jewelry maker placed her teacup in a sink full of water and with a pair of gloves on, she created hole in the cup using a mallet and an industrial nail. The flowing water made it possible for the cup to not crack, giving her the perfect hole for drainage. Afterwards, she repotted the lush plant, that was previously in a Kokedama wrap, and used toothpicks to hold down the roots.

This is seriously an upcycle that can easily be done with tools you likely already have in your home!

“I have soooo many mugs!! this is just the inspiration I need! @Ruth commented. 

“Yah I know what I’m doing this weekend haha,” said @Nicole,Agustin,Noah,Niyah.

There’s no better time than now to reach for those lovely teacups or your other favorite ceramic pieces and put them on display with this lush redo!