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Watch This Chair Get a Second Life With This Incredible DIY Flip

It's a whole new piece!

There are so many items and furniture pieces out there that are just waiting to be brought back to life through the work and effort of loving and creative hands. Just take a walk through any old store or even a garage sale, and you will likely see dozens, if not hundreds, of exquisite pieces that, with just a little ‘spit and polish, would be perfect additions to your home!


This is exactly how Drew from Lone Fox Home, a TikTok channel dedicated to thrifts, flips, and DIYs, came across his newest chair. He came across a gorgeous little chair at his local thrift store and, in his own words, let out a little scream at just how perfect it was.

But it needed a bit of a facelift, so Drew took it home and got to work, removing the bottom and then giving the entire thing a coat of primer. From there, he moved on, adding some gorgeous black high gloss spray paint to elevate the chair's look and make it a touch more modern.

With jokes about the slightly risque nature of the chair’s ‘unique’ design aside, Drew moves on to replacing the upholstery. Out goes the old lace-inspired cushion, replaced with extra fabric the creator had lying around, which fits the new look so much better than the old.

The chair is given a last spray of clear sealant before being brought to the home of Drew’s friend, the cushions put in place, and the arm cushions also tacked with new fabric.

In the end, the chair is a beautiful accent piece in its new home, and likely has many, many more years of life and enjoyment left in it!