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Couple Restores Trash Picked Wicker Furniture With Simple Hack

From trash to treasure in moments!

There are plenty of people who drive up and down the streets in their neighborhood on the hunt for furniture that they could take and fix up to either keep for themselves or potentially flip and sell.

Regardless of how we choose to move forward with the furniture, one thing is for sure, it’s a proud moment when a furniture flip is not only easy but turns out to be better than when we picked it up.

And this is exactly what happened with popular TikTok flippers @floridaflipsters, who recently found a beautiful set of wicker furniture on the side of the road and restored them with just three cans of spray paint!


The couple simply picks up the furniture and thoroughly sprays both pieces with dark taupe satin spray paint until evenly coated. After the pieces are done drying, the couple then simply cuts a piece of patterned fabric to fitted to the wicker cart and glues it down. The finished look is nothing short of what we’d see in the outdoor garden section of a department store. They did a great job and it didn’t take much effort to do! Even their viewers agree.

TikTok user @swansori commented “These turned out great!! Obsessed!” Another user @ruinousrevived commented “Crushed this one.” Another Tiktok user commented “Y’all made it look way better.” They definitely did. “This is such a good find. Lucky you! Looks gorgeous,” said another follower. We couldn’t agree more.

As the couple says, this is definitely a “trash to cash” furniture flip! And to simply only use three cans of spray paint and get this amazing outcome…we’re impressed!