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Man Creates DIY Christmas Bells That Are Stunning!

These are so neat and easy to create!
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“Jingle bells, Jingle bells, Jingle all the way”, “Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell, rock!” When I think of a jingle bell I instantly start singing one of these two songs, or think of large bells attached to wreaths, strung from garlands, or beaming from buildings. One of the most iconic holiday symbols, the beloved jingle bell.

An elegant decoration item that can be costly to purchase was the start of the show in @_yothatsdice recent DIY video, easy to make and fairly inexpensive. We love this idea and the festive spirit it brings! 

To make the bells the man starts with a few large metal pail buckets- for a cheaper option you could use plastic sand castle buckets and spray paint them! He drills holes in the top of the buckets and attaches large eye bolts through them- used to hang the bells once they are ready for decorating. After the eye bolts are placed he then uses extremely large ornaments from Dollar Tree and hot glues the tops of them and places a string on them so they barely reach the end of the pale once attached to the inside, off the eye bolt rod. He hangs the jingle bells from the railing on his front porch along with festive ribbons and dried Christmas flowers!

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