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For A Whopping $3.75, TikToker Solves Her Small Closet Problems With Easy DIY Hack

Your tiny closet problems could be solved thanks to the dollar store and this genius woman.

The devil works hard, but TikTokers work harder. There are turning out to be very few problems that this social media space *can't* help you with. So if you were searching for a way to make more room in your closet and spend under $5 doing it, it should come as no surprise that TikTok has got you covered. 

In fact there is a currently a simple DIY guide making the internet rounds that is beyond genius. It took a total of $3.75 for this woman to make room for all of her delicate items with no renovation whatsoever. 

It'd not going to win any beauty contests but dang if that isn't useful! All she did was grab a pack of shower curtain rings, binder rings and delicate laundry bags, connected them together and hung them up. 

Inside she stored everything from underwear to socks to bikinis. It's an extremely efficient hack that is perfect for renters or anyone who can afford to fully renovate a space. 

Ah TikTok, what will you think of next?