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These DIY Concrete Side Tables Cost Less Than $20

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There are a lot of DIY projects you can do, even being on a budget. Sometimes all you need is some leftover scrapwood and some plaster or spackle, and maybe some IKEA furniture that needs an upgrade. 

TikTok account Blondebelle demonstrates in her video, how to create an easy DIY project involving side tables, anyone can swing. Let's find out how!

Would you look at these? So easy, and cool!

They remind me of giant bricks, used in construction to build houses. Right?

All she used was some scrap wood and Henry Feather Finish - Concrete Finishing Kit, which you can all get at Home Depot or any other hardware store.

It looks like, she first built the nightstand tables by cutting the scrapwood in the right dimension desired and then securing the parts with screws. Next, she applied the concrete finish, let it dry, and then sanded it down, so it is nice and smooth. 

The look has an industrial feel but is still classy. This DIY project can be easily replicated, and you can even finish it by painting it or creating a mosaic piece of art. 

If you can't get your hands on cement, as shown in the video, you can most certainly use spackle. Regardless of material, it is inexpensive, relatively sturdy, and easy to make, even if you aren't a DIY queen, practice makes perfect. 

Would you give this a try?

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