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Woman Creates Cutest DIY Corset Top Out Of Fabric Scraps

We can't believe the transformation from old to new!

Here at Dengarden we love crafty creators who can take something old and DIY it into something new and amazing. That could be turning ancient black and white televisions into cool new cat homes, or refurbing tables into the perfect high-dollar dupes.

But what if we told you that you could make beautiful corsets, perfect for any renaissance fair or cosplay, with only some scraps of fabric that you might already have lying around? It’s true!



College professor and self-proclaimed amateur seamstress Tabitha has come up with a brilliant method for taking old, maybe even ratty, tablecloths and turning them into a cosplay-ready corset or that you can wear while knocking back ale at your local tavern.

She shows us that the pieces of tablecloth that she has aren’t perfect - there are tears and stains here and there, but overall the pieces are fairly nice. The embroidery in particular is what makes this tablecloth perfect for what she is trying to make. Once the tablecloth is laid out she cuts it down to size using a pattern, and she follows that by sewing all of the pieces together, along with some plastic boning she had on hand.

After some more lace edging is laid out and sewed on, then all of the edges of the new corset are reinforced with some extra fabric. After that, all she has to do is add some eyelets and then get some ribbon to lace up the front in simple fashion. A few more ribbons are added to the neckpiece, and at the end we get to see Tabitha model the brand new, absolutely gorgeous piece.

As TikTok commenter Briar mentioned, the overall look is very much giving us Bavarian milkmaid vibes, while others are falling in love with how simple yet beautiful this upcycle turned out being.

So what do you think? Does it make you long to run through a field of flowers, or dance and sing your heart out at a tavern?