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Man DIYS a $400 Crate & Barrel Lamp Dupe for Just $70

It’s not as hard as you might think.

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When I think of Crate & Barrel, I tend to think of things that are a little bit higher end, and thus a bit more out of my budget than I wish they were. Sure I love browsing said store, and I find myself on their website probably more often than I should be for someone who very rarely, if ever, buys anything but, hey, isn’t that what a good dupe is for? Exactly!

So how would you feel about duping a $400 floor lamp for less than a hundred bucks? Well, that is exactly what TikTok creator Lucas of EmyLuDesigns did, and we get to see it all from start to finish!


The very base of this project is going to be wood, so you are going to want to take careful notes and measurements on just how big you want your own floor lamp to be. Lucas takes a couple of longer planks and cuts them down to the size that he needs, including a top and bottom end cap that will sit snugly inside the box frame that will take place in his next step.

Once everything is cut and ready to go, each of the long sides are assembled into a box like tube with wood glue holding everything together before some small wood screws are added for extra support. The interior spacers are also added, helping cap off both ends so that the whole thing is solid.

The sides are all sanded down so that there isn’t a rough or too-pointy edge, then a hole is drilled through the top and bottom for the lamp’s cord to pass through. A quick coat of black paint helps elevate the look of the whole piece and takes it into that dupe space before the whole thing is finished up with the lamp being installed, a shade put on, and the new stand being put into a corner of the living room where it will stand proudly for… however long the two like it to be there.

Overall a fairly easy, and gorgeous, project that I can’t wait to try myself!

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