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You Can Totally Make Jelly From the Weeds In Your Yard

Dandelions aren't completely useless.

As much as gardeners love to get their hands deep in the dirt, one of the proverbial thorns in their sides is digging out weeds. Weeds aren't just aesthetically unappealing: they can choke out  your beloved plants and can spread all over your garden bed before you know it. 

While we do everything we can to suppress them, when then pop up they have to be dealt with, so you might as well put them to work. TikToker Whitney (@Appalachian_forager) has the perfect use for dandelions we bet you've never even thought of: Dandelion jelly. 


After picking buds that aren't in high trafficked areas (i.e. like the sides of roads) sh gathers a huge basket of dandelions until it feels "about right. 

Once you've amassed a similarly large mound of them, you begin separating the leaves from the "bitter" green bulbs. Once the leaves are separated, start boiling water and strain/rinse 2 cups of petals. She then puts the petals in a freshly cleaned mason jar, and pours the boiled water in  and allows it to steep for 24 hours.

One day later, she begins using the dandelion tea to mix with a few ingredients to make it jelly, then gets started  on her canning process. Once she completes that, she is left with "sunshine in a bottle," or dandelion jelly, that looks damn delicious. 

Commenters were curious what exactly it tastes like, she it appears she really didn't use many other ingredients. It apparently tastes like a honey with a floral, lemony hint of flavor. 

We'll never look at weeds the same way again!