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This is Your Sign to Stop Buying Decorative Books and Do This Instead

This is too easy to do and it looks so much better

If obtaining a Pinterest-worthy home is something you aspire to do, you’ll be happy to know that it doesn’t always have to cost a ton of money to achieve. One of the easiest ways to obtain the beautiful and modern aesthetic of many of your favorite Pinterest pins is by starting with one project at a time and hopefully finding a good DIY to get you started.

And if you’re looking of a good DIY to get you going, we have a super easy DIY courtesy of the DIY queen of Boston, @the_avantgarde. This DIY is not only cute and easy to do, but it’s practically free!

We can’t get enough of these simple and cute DIYs. All she did here was cut up an old white sheet to fit her current book she had on her bookshelf before using an iron and iron tape to make it look more neat. Afterwards, she simply places the newly modernized book back onto perfectly curated shelf.

Although this video received thousands of likes, many people in the comments weren’t too big on her covering the originals books’ art with a plain white sheet.

We see both sides — but if having a more modern black-and-white approach to your home is what you desire, this DIY is perfect for you.

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