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Watch This Woman Make DIY Disinfectant Wipes

It’s so easy and environmentally friendly!

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If you enjoy cleaning but run out of supplies too fast and are worried about the waste it produces - don't worry I got answers. Believe it or not but there are actually many hacks that allow you to create your own adequate cleaning supplies, such as this mattress cleaning hack

And if you're a fan of Clorox or Lysol disinfectant wipes, TikToker Elnaz Hamai (@elnazhamai) shares in her video how she makes her own easily, without breaking the bank.


It's perfect! This way she avoids for waste to accumulate, and she also knows all the ingredients that go into making these DIY disinfectant wipes. 

All that is needed are a dispensing container, she used the Spectrum Diversified Decorative Refillable Wet Dispenser from Amazon, reusable paper towels, rubbing alcohol, water, essential oils, and dish soap. 

The recipe goes as followed, you just mix 2 cups of water with 1 cup of alcohol - the one that is at least 75% - 1 tablespoon of dish soap - such as Dawn - and 5 drops of your choice of essential oil, stir it and add the reusable paper towels. That's it. 

I could imagine this to last a lot longer and also to be more budget-friendly. As you might know, fancy cleaning products - such as disinfectant wipes - are pretty pricey, and all that's in there is basically alcohol and paper towels, and a few other ingredients, such as fragrance. 

I guess I have to try this out myself now!