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Woman Grows Breathtaking Vertical Strawberry Garden With Basic Dollar Tree Planters

You don't need a fancy greenhouse: Just a few stackable planters and a dream.

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Taking hobbies to the next level will always require an investment. You will trial and error your way through it, and with that often comes several "wastes" of money and time. While we're not sure that any learning experience  is a waste, we do understand the need to keep purse strings a little tight. Which is why it is ok to "cut corners" and use cheaper material to get the job done, especially if it is just as effective as the expensive stuff.

Farmer and TikToker @doubleoakfarm was inspired to make her berry patch extra fruitful this year, so she decided to try her own spin on a gardening hack she saw floating around with supplies from the Dollar Tree.


Using the coveted and cleaver stackable planters, she cauterizes drainage holes and stagger stack them in a fields of tall spikes to maximize growth. With her efforts, ever single pot of strawberries will have access to sunlight and perfect drainage for watering.

Some folks noted that she really didn't even need to put that much effort into creating holes, but the farmer shared that using a drill resulted in some serious cracks (so be prepared to buy extra if that's the case). All in all this is a brilliant solution both the homesteader and the professional farmer can get behind.