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Woman Makes Luxurious Wall Art Out of Fabric and It's so Dreamy

If she starts selling these, we're buying

We’re constantly impressed with the abundance of beautiful art we find on TikTok. From Henna crowns to DIY fruit coasters and wall art, artists and content creators who graciously share their work on social media never ceases to amaze us with their talent. And although TikTok user @so_surreal25 has shared a couple of cool DIYs to her account, it’s her recent DIY that quickly captured our attention. She made her own version of the trendy and beautiful fabric art and we’re so impressed!


Isn’t it so gorgeous!? This art piece is so airy and simple and is perfect for someone who appreciates minimal art. We love how simple her tools and supplies list was to create this! All she needed was 30x40 canvas, 1 yard of fabric, hodgepodge, Stiffen Stuff Fabric Stiffening Spray and wood glue (hot glue gun works just as well). Thankfully, she provided detailed steps in the series of videos showing how she created this DIY so if you want to try this yourself, it’s definitely possible!

Followers took to the comments with their suggestions and thoughts. “Ok but hear me out… this as a head board,” TikTok user @boujeemfkee brilliantly suggested. “You should do one where someone is like stuck behind the fabric and do like hands trying to push their way out,” @vinteecartel shared. Great idea! "Hear me out…flowers and or diamonds,” @toyaaanailedit commented.

All of these ideas are amazing suggestions, but TBH, the final look is so beautiful, she can keep it as is!