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These DIY Dried Fruit Coasters Are Perfect for BBQs

This is straight up adorable

There are endless options with how you can use fruit. Sure, you can eat it normally, but you can also grill fruit, juice it, blend it and even decorate your home with it. Clearly, fruit is good for you in so many more ways than just the obvious. And this video from TikTok DIY maven @mkjatoye22 proves just that.

In this quick tutorial we’re shown how they take delicious pieces of fruit and transform it into stunning coasters that are perfect for the summer!


How gorgeous and creative is this?! At first glance, it looks way more complicated to do this than it actually is. We can’t get over how minimal tools were used in order to complete this project and it turned out so gorgeous! These will be so perfect to create and have for the upcoming summer months when your outside hosting a backyard gathering or simply lounging poolside. Of course the comments section are just as in love with these stunning coasters as we are and is packed with comments complimenting the beautiful DIY project.

Not sure if these coasters will expire or what the upkeep consists of, but with the minimal tools and stunning outcome, we’re anxious to give this DIY a try!